Monday, May 14, 2007

I will step out on the word of God!

"My Mother would tell her family in particular and the world in general "'I will step out on the word of God". Because of her convictions, it wasn't difficult for me to have faith. I grew up knowing that the WORD of GOD had POWER." - Maya Angelou said it while sharing stories from her life. It is very true that a mother plays a very important role in shaping the destiny of a family, a society and the community at large. The strongest influence on children is that of the mother. Children mostly follow their mother’s example and look upon her as a role-model. A small daily effort by the mothers will help in molding their children to become good Sikhs and an asset to the society they live in. Yesterday was the day, that was celebrated in Gurdwara to pay tribute to great Sikh Mothers of the Panth - Mata Bhag Kaur, Bebe Nanaki ji, Mata Tripta ji, Mata Khivi ji, Bibi Amro Ji, Bibi Bhani Ji, Mata Sahib Kaur ji & Mata Gujri Ji who were great examples of daughter, sister,wife, mother and grandmother. There were many more sikh women warriors who were remembered for their endless strength and grace. Our daughters do not need to look for inspirations anywhere else but Sikh History, where there are unparallel examples of bravery, love and grace.

It was a memorable day for me personally. Here is the just the glimpse of out of many gifts that my children showered me with. I feel extremely blessed to be mother of these children, who never fail to show their love on day to day basis in general and on special occasions in particular.

Thank you! Mom

For being a Wonderful Mother
So gentle, yet so strong
The many ways you show you care
Always makes be feel I belong

Thank You Mom!
For being patient when I’m foolish
Giving guidance when I ask
It seems you can do anything
You’re the master of every task

Thank You Mom!
For being a source of comfort
Like a cushion when I fall
You help me in terrible times of trouble
Supporting me when I call

Thank You Mom!
For being helpful when I’m hurt
Very soothing when in fright
You are always there for me
Through the day and the night

I love you more than I can express
You have my total respect
If I had a choice on mothers
You’re the one I select!

-Your son


Anonymous gurnit said...

happy belated mother's day auntieji!
i wrote a song for my mom but i couldnt sing it. she was already close to tears when i called. lol.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Singhni said...

Thank you!
Let us hear that song.....write me in e-mail. Your mom must be so proud of you :D

12:51 PM  

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