Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Women's role in promoting Turban

Womanforlk can play a vital role in reviving the glory of sikhism viz a viz the hair and turban. They can rear their kids in the fine atmosphere of Sikh way of living, educate them about the salient principles of the faith and practise them by doing special efforts day in and day out. These concerted efforts would defintiely strengthen the foundations of the kids as far as sikh way of life is concerned. Once they are firmed in their sikh routine, they become strong enough to bear any adverse storm unhesitentily.
Similarly, the sisters and wives can impress upon their brothers and parteners not to discard their Sikhi Saroop which we received by the great
Gurus who did every sacrifice for us and for our glorious living as a proud sikh.
If any mother under the whim of fashion cuts the hair of her young son, she is not less than of a Wazir Khan, Ahmad Shah Abdali, Zakria Khan, Massa Ranghar or Meer Mannu. If they wanted to annihilate Sikhs through their swords, their 'sister' in the garb of 'Sikhi Saroop' is doing the same role through her scissors. So young fashionable mothers of sikh kids in no way should indulge in destroying their own nation with their own hands. History would not pardon such murderers. Save the community, save the pious traditions, save the spiritual richness by saving Sikh dignity and form. Help raising sikh standards.
Guru Gobind Singh would definitely bless all of us if we take care of his Sikhi which is so dear to him, to us and to the world at large. Our this action would keep at rest this taunt which is being said and heard everywhere that Sikhs have a magnificient and glorious past, confused and shaky present, uncertain and wavy future. Therefore, every sikh should keenly adopt strong and solid measure to save Sikhi in his own home so as to weaken the impact of the onslaught of apostasy. This is the only way which can save turban, signifying pride of Sikh way of life and sikh existance.
We should also keenly rise above our fads and whims, personal gains and glorifications and unite under the command of Akal Takhat. Everyone of us should eanestly act and pray that all the sacrifices made by the nation since its inception, all the selfless services rendered globally for the last five centuries, and all the dynamism shown by the towering turban and sikh traditions and all the glory, royality instilled within the fibers fo the grandeur of a turban may serve to unite the sikh nation towards the highest and noblest service to the huninity. No more lethargy, sluggishness or slackness is acceptable because every moment lost is lost forever, which simply aggrevates the already deplorable state of affairs.
We should clearly bear in mind that multifaceted pollution is engulfing the human existance veru rapidly. If the inhabitants of present century want to counter act this dangerous tendency quite effectively, everyone of us irrespective fo religious commands and other considerations should realize the HAIR POWER and develop a living and vibrating sence of HAIR CARE and protection of hair through turbans.

Source: 'The Turbans' by Dr. Sarup Singh Alag Phd., D.Litt, U.S.A.



Blogger Anterjot Singh said...

It would be great if newspapers in Punjab publish the beautiful inspiring picture above of our Kaurs.
Leave alone Singhniaan, even Singhs are not visible in city schools. "Kesh Katal" is so common in Punjab and with limited Dharam Prachar it's difficult to stop.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous punjaban said...

The problem is that we are unable to stop it in our own families. Our kids are not ready to listen to us ... :(

5:36 AM  
Blogger Singhni said...

Children need mothers who are themselves aware, live lives in which Guru is the centre of ALL things, who are equipped with enough knowledge to satisfy children's questions. I have faith that children raised in adequate Sikhi environment at home where parents did faithful job in raising them as trustees of Guru's children, will never faulter from Sikhi.
I think Dr. Alag is more concerned about mothers who sacrifice their children's kesh while being slave to fashion trends.
I read it somewhere that ..."God works through a woman's touch, a man is what a woman creates him to be". I beleive it to be so true.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous gurnit said...


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