Thursday, February 01, 2007

Month of Love

February is a month of love and what better way is there to celebrate this month than to realize the awesome power this ‘love’ beholds. Love can turn our lives around, makes us do things we would never dream of, and forces us to give away our entire lives. Few years back I wrote the 10 reasons why my husband is the love of my life; those ten reasons revolved around him just as a husband. But with Waheguru’s apaar kirpa he is more than just a husband – he is a son that every mother is proud of, he is a brother that every sister counts on, he is a husband that every woman dreams of, he is friend that any person needs, he a sangat that every Gursikh seeks company of, he is the daddy that every child deserves. So I dedicate this month to him. Here are 51 reasons (out of endless reasons); why I love him so deeply.

  1. God and family are his top priorities.
  2. He has been sent by the Waheguru ji in so many ways to make me a better person.
  3. His hugs are the warmest, most genuine hugs ever given.
  4. He thinks I’m beautiful no matter what state I’m in.
  5. He encourages me to be my best.
  6. He is the constant in my life.
  7. He loves me more than I deserve.
  8. Only he can fix my broken heart.
  9. He is handsome and irresistible.
  10. He is never stinky...he takes second shower before evening Nitnem
  11. He is not afraid to cry or become vulnerable in my presence.
  12. He is extremely intelligent, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.
  13. He has put up with me faithfully for 13 years.
  14. And that makes him a Saint!
  15. He is great both with money & me.
  16. He is the first one to ask “Ki haal hai?” when we meet after work.
  17. He promises to cook aaloo-gobhi on every mother’s day.
  18. He never fails to compliment what I cook for the family.
  19. He actually wears the clothes I purchase for him J
  20. He does dishes without me asking/requesting him.
  21. He has a great sense of humor.
  22. He is very supportive.
  23. He takes wonderful care of us.
  24. He smells good. Oh, I already said he is never stinky
  25. He is my memory bank, when I don’t have any
  26. He is tender.
  27. He works really hard.
  28. He has an incredible work ethic.
  29. He is sensitive
  30. He reads my ever-flowing in e-mails (during his precious time at work) and even my blog….occasionally.
  31. Takes good care of his health; means healthy eating and exercise.
  32. He is definitely "manly".
  33. He is a great Daddy.
  34. “He loves my mommy, my sisters and me” ( I got that from our son’s journal)
  35. He teaches by example.
  36. He is gentle in speach.
  37. He has a dimple that our daughter inherited
  38. He is great with kids in problem-solving & making them laugh.
  39. He is very protective.
  40. “He is my Hero” ( got this from our daughter’s journal)
  41. He loves to bike with our children.
  42. He helps with the children in any and every way; more than any other dad I know.
  43. He helps with their education...(great with Math and Science)
  44. He does not watch football/cricket on Sundays.
  45. He is a wonderful role model to our son.
  46. My older daughter looks just like him and she is beautiful.
  47. My younger daughter got his eyes & dimple…and she is beautiful too!
  48. He is indispensable for our family.
  49. I love him more than I did the day I married him.
  50. He has called me "Prabhjot" since we met...LOVE that!!!
  51. I keep this one to whisper in his ear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah ji Wah :)

Singh sahib ne te balle balle kara ditti... Rabb saanu vi thorri sumatt bakhshan

8:51 AM  
Anonymous punjaban said...

Its great to see the love!!!

May waheguru bless us with more "Role Model" Couples like you and massar ji!!


9:18 AM  
Blogger Harkiran Kaur said...

You both are lucky to have eachother! :=)

9:25 AM  

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