Monday, August 07, 2006

Fauj of Mai Bhago

Have you ever thought that the ones who gave their head to Guru forever were only ‘five’ and the ones who wrote ‘be-daava’ (disclaimer) and deserted Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, were eight times more than five? Why is there any wonder that today more young sikh boys and girls are apostate than rahatvaan? There is again pressing need for Mai Bhago….not just one but Fauj of Mai Bhago to awaken the youth.

When Mai Bhago came to know that some Sikhs of her area had deserted Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Anandpur Sahib and renounced his guruship in writing. She could not hold herself, as she was zealous to serve the Guru. Boiling with rage, and moved by love for the Guru, she, the great heroine, said to her husband, “Guard up your lions and let us lay down our lives for the Guru who has sacrificed his father, mother and four sons for the Sikh faith. We must not sit idle when innocent lives are being bricked alive.” She was determined to wipe out the badge of infamy from the face of her area.

She, along with her husband, went from village to village and told the people the reality of deserters. Ladies of the deserters did not talk to them when they came back, cursed and taunted them. These ladies dressed themselves as soldiers and wanted to proceed with Mai Bhago. She said to the deserters, “Guru Ji has sacrificed his family and comforts for our freedom. We must stand up and protect our rights and faith. We should not hide ourselves like cowards. Everybody has to die. Why not die like a brave person? If you don’t join me, I shall take a party of women and die for the Guru.” She exhorted the ladies not to entertain the deserters and not to allow them to enter their houses. Her sharp and frank words pricked the conscience of the deserters and awakened their souls. She challenged their vanity and made them regret. She displayed manly spirit and courage.

They, along with their leader, Mahan Singh, marched to help the Guru and seek his forgiveness. They got armed and they took the oath to die fighting and not to retreat from the battlefield. They meant to make amends for the apostasy.

It is duty of every mother, every sister and every wife to become another Mai Bhago and form a ‘fauj’ to bring back these apostate youth in Guru’s feet. I know it will happen when each Sikh woman looks at herself in Mai Bagho’s image.


Blogger princeofpunjab said...

Thanks for your wonderful posts on SPo, your blog and your comments on mine. You are a role model for all of us and I can say for the rest of the people who are not at the same life stage as you, that we hope to be as graceful, open and passionate as you have been!

Continue spreading chardi kala!
and thankssssssssssssssssssss

6:31 AM  
Anonymous gurnit said...

hahahaa, the bit in bold has got me all hyped up now!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous punjaban said...

wonderfully said!!

6:42 AM  

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