Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IIGS Camp - rejuvenation of the spirit!

Wow! this summer was really fast-forward for us. Between Marching Band practices and ASB meetings, my summer is already over. I have begun to follow the 5 Am to 10 Pm routine again to make the things work for all of us. During summer, most mornings went refreshing 'Punjabi skills' of children and evenings on the pool deck. It was full of fun for all of us. Last week came much awaited 67TH IIGS Sikh Youth Camp. It was another milestone in the journey towards self-realization! Even though each camp follows almost the same format, but each one has something new to offer, something new to learn. It was a great experience - once again. Today's kids never cease to amaze me with their love and understanding of Sikhi. There is so much to share from the inspirational stories that campers make in these camps, but I will keep it brief this time. Here is a poem by my son, AnupHarji Singh (Age 12) that says it all, about the camp and about the campers. Hope you enjoy it!

We all came feeling very enthusiastic
For IGS camp promised to be fantastic
We placed our bags around the bend
Then got back up to meet our friends
Into groups we were divided
By our leaders we were guided
In early morning we ran with speed
For the showers were of great need
We were told of Naam Simran, Waheguru in our prayer
The soft vibration and sweet chanting seemed to occur everywhere
Diwans were now regular, coming twice a day
With melodious kirtan the jatha would come and play
Everyone would sing as they tried to concentrate
Loudly we would do so, with our backs completely straight
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all very yummy
When each one came everyone would fill their tummy
In the lectures we learnt a lot
Some marvelous things we were taught
Quickly taking notes with a pen
Papaji’s lectures were something to attend again
Many duties we were told to complete
Even if it was in the burning heat
Responsibility was the lesson taught here
So to succeed you had to persevere
Discipline was shown with the formation of groups
With campers and leaders developing the parading troops
The whistle was blown leaving ringing in our ears
Some would shout through the noise, while others were left in tears
Gurpreet aunty taught vaja with the notes
Showing us how to clear our throat
Ranjit uncle shouting to start the Khalsa charge every night
Yelling “Bole So Nihaal” with all his might
We created noise like never before
Just like a lion’s roar
Washing our hair to keep it clean
It should become your daily routine
Showing our hair because we are proud
It shows our identity in a crowd
So much learning in this short week
Within a camp that is so unique