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Rise of Khalsa

Yesterday; this DVD arrived in mail; just in time, when children were complaining about their favorite after-school program not being relayed on TV ‘again’. As I flashed the package in air and announced that I have something better than that, it did not bring any smile back, though they had watched ‘Sahibzadey : A Saga of Valor & Sacrificethe first ever animated movie on Sikh history; by Vismaad, last year. In my disappointment I fixed the snacks and milk for them & quietly put the DVD on, pretending to be watching alone. That did the trick!...and they were practically glued to it till the end.

Thanks to Annual Sikh Youth Symposium competitions by Sri Hemkunt Foundation, Inc. that educated them last year on ‘Rise of misls’. Mughal ruler Aurangzeb died in 1707 AD. With that began the downfall of Mughal Empire. Aurangzeb’s son Bahadur Shah became the Emperor. On his way to negotiate peace with the Emperor; Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji stopped at Nanded to meet with Madho Das Bairagi. Guru ji sat on his cot that made Madho Das very angry. He tried all his incantations; but nothing worked on Guru ji. After hot exchange of words; Guruji told him the purpose of his visit. Guru ji said “I came here to make you my disciple”. Madho Das said “I will be pleased my Lord, From now I will be your Banda”. Madho das fell on Guru ji’s feet. Guru ji blessed him with ‘Amrit di daat’ and gave him name Gurbax Singh. But he was popularly known as Banda Singh Bahadur.

In 1708 AD, Governer of Sirhind; Wazir Khan hired two pathans who made an attempt on the life of Guru ji. One of them was dispatched by Guruji as soon as he stabbed Guru ji near chest & the other one was killed by the Sikhs. When Banda Singh Bahadur heard the news; he begged Guru ji to allow him to proceed to Punjab to pull down the tyrannical rulers from their seats and give them punishment for their deeds. Guruji also realized that it was time to ply the sword because all the peaceful means have been failed. Banda was appointed commander of the Khalsa and before sending him Guru ji gave him five arrows from his own quiver as pledge and token of victory. A Nishan Sahib and Nagara was also bestowed on him as emblems of temporal authority. A council of Panj Piyare and about 20 other singhs accompanied him. Singhs all over the country joined him in his mission of war against tyrannies and oppressions of his time. He punished the cold-blooded murderers of Chotte Sahibjaade Zorawar singh and Fateh Singh.

Banda Singh Bahadur had many victories till 1712 AD. He was finally besieged at Gurdaspur for 8 months. A complete blockade of food caused many warriors to die. Remaining Sikhs were starved to surrender. Banda Singh Bahadur was arrested with 200 companions. He was tortured and martyred in Delhi. His young son was killed in front of his eyes; but he died a martye’s death with full faith in the will of God.

After the martyrdom of Banda Singh Bahadur and consequent massacre; for few years the Khalsa disappeared into the hills. As the Mughal raaj started weakening with the invasion of Nadar Shah in 1738-39 they started coming down to the plains. During these turbulent years they were organizing themselves into groups under certain leaders. Each group came to be known as misl. There were 12 mislsSinghpuria, Ahluwalia, Sukkarchakia, Nishanwalia, Bhangi, Kanhaya, Nakkai, Dallewalia, Shaheed, Karora Singhia, Ramgarhia and Phulkian. Sarbat Khalsa provided the central organizing structure of the misls. Sarbat Khalsa issued Gurmatas to convey the decisions to misls.

“The Rise of Khalsa” has the distinction of being the first ever movie made on legendary Baba Banda Singh Bahadur . The movie takes us along on Sardar Banda Singh ji’s journey from his first meeting with Guru Gobind singh ji at Nanded to conquering of Sirhind. Guruji ordained Babaji to reach Punjab and reorganize the Khalsa forces to put an end to tyranny and injustice.

These animated movies by Vismaad are the most effective medium to teach History to children. I request each parent to get their copy TODAY from


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We are getting some copies today and will be selling them in the gurdwara this sunday.

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